Unpacking Apache Storm in developer box

It is a long time pending task to evaluate and learn Apache Storm. Storm infrastructure needs Nimbus and Zookeeper. My intention is to install Storm in my regular Ubuntu single box instead of any cluster environment/VMs, the reason is Apache Storm is just a jar file. Zookeeper was already installed in my machine as single-cluster […]

Book Review – Heroku up and running by Neil & Richard – O’Reilly

  Neil is a Ruby developer and deploying many applications in Heroku.  His book “Heroku Up and Running” is in early release stage.  Most of the contents are ready and hence review has been made. As like Heroku ecosystem’s simplicity, this book has only 100 pages with 8 chapters. As a cloud developer, the first […]

Adopting Event Sourcing in SaaS using Windows Azure

This blog post was originally published at http://blog.aditi.com/cloud/adopting-event-sourcing-saas-windows-azure/. People in the enterprise application development and strong attachment with relational world feel ill-chosen when suggesting to adopt event sourcing.  There are some reasons for that.  This blog post specifies you the candidate places in SaaS development using Windows Azure where event sourcing will be useful.  Before that […]

Book Review – See What I Mean – O’Reilly

For techies, this book might not be the regular lunch. It is my long wish to express my learning through mind-friendly way like comics and videos.  Couple of years before, I used Pixton.com and written a blog post http://udooz.net/blog/2010/12/wcf-sts-federation-claims/.  After that, I simply left that direction due to lack of comic plots. It is quite surprised […]