ASP.NET Extender Control: Walkthrough

Tweet Sample VS2008 Project is available at This is the continuation  of ASP.NET Extender Control: Decorating & Componentizing Web Controls with Client Behavior.  In this walkthrough, the following things are explained: Decorating or extending web control behavior.  A mouse hover effect which is implemented in JavaScript would be applied to controls of  type Button. Packaging client [...]

ASP.NET Extender Control: Decorating & Componentizing Web Controls With Client Behavior

Tweet Problem ASP.NET server controls componentize (or encapsulate) the UI behaviors in a manageable way so that enhancements or modification is much simpler.  These are like swiss-army-knife, somebody use server side and client side features in balanced way, others may heavily stick with either server side or client side.  The major reason for people stick with server side code is [...]

.NET-Sploit: Exploit .NET Framework

Tweet Though it is an uncommon attack, but it highlights the backdoor of Virtual Machine such as .NET, JVM. Rootkit is a system which consists of programs designed to hide or obscure the fact that a system has been compromised.  – Wikipedia  .NET-Sploit is a tool which is used to build MSIL rootkit that enables the user [...]

CLR Improvements in .NET 3.5 SP1

Tweet When I was downloading the SP1 of .NET 3.5 months before, I did not realized that there are some CLR improvements in that release apart from some new features such as ADO.NET data services, improved WCF, etc.  The improvements are expected to be in .NET 4.0 (CLR 4.0?), however .NET 3.5 SP1 has some [...]