Circuit Breaker for Windows Azure

No application is in island.  Every application needs to interact with other applications located in remote, or consumes data stored in remote.  Your application should be cautious and handle instability situations while interacting with these remote endpoints. Various practices and patterns are available for implementing a stable system.  Michael T. Nygard specifies following stability patterns [...]

Azure Table Storage, Domain Persistence and Concerns

Always domain modeling is the vital part and nobody has second opinion about the importance of Domain-driven design.  This post is about anti-corruption layer between domain objects and data persistence in the Azure world. Whenever, I am started working on object-repository framework, this famous Einstein’s quote echoed in my mind In theory, theory and practical [...]

Beware of SCA if you are in WCF

Today, a technology newsletter carried with an article about SCA (Service Component Architecture) which is outshone at IBM campus along with BEA.  Is it a another SOA specification?  Is it a SOA framework? or, alternate to SOA?  Michael Rowley who is the author/architect/inventor of this said that it depends.  Confused.  Yes, it has been mentioned that SOA [...]

Tech Watch: Comet – Again An Old in New Avatar

In an alternate to Ajax, or along with it, “Comet” is a server-pushing technology, as we know this as one of the Web Patterns. Ajax is a technique to asynchronously contact server to get data and update UI (Microsoft calls this as Partial Page Update). In this way of programming, you can get the latest [...]