Azure ServiceBus Message Payload Serialization using protobuf

Choices are between ready made coffee maker and make it ourselves available in Windows Azure kitchen.  As long as we want cappuccino, Windows Azure .NET libraries are good to go in terms of productivity and maintainability.  Sometimes, we may need to prepare blended iced cappuccino.  REST API (the actual service interface to Windows Azure services) [...]

Book Review: Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise by Dino Esposito, O’Reilly

Dino Esposito is the iconic author in Microsoft Press.  His book “.NET: Architecting for Enterprise” is one of my favorite.  Sequel to this, this book covers wide variety of patterns in addition to practical approaches on various mobile development problems. First six chapters are worthful sharing of mobile development experience.  The remaining five chapters are splendid collections [...]

Circuit Breaker for Windows Azure

No application is in island.  Every application needs to interact with other applications located in remote, or consumes data stored in remote.  Your application should be cautious and handle instability situations while interacting with these remote endpoints. Various practices and patterns are available for implementing a stable system.  Michael T. Nygard specifies following stability patterns [...]

Azure Storage Services Asynchronously in Java

When performing I/O bound operation, the program should use asynchronous approach.  This is particularly important when you access the Azure storage services.  As of now, Azure managed libraries for .NET and Java do not support asynchronous APIs.  Instead, by using underlying run time’s asynchronous programming approaches along with Azure storage services REST API makes you [...]