Book Review: Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise by Dino Esposito, O’Reilly

Dino Esposito is the iconic author in Microsoft Press.  His book “.NET: Architecting for Enterprise” is one of my favorite.  Sequel to this, this book covers wide variety of patterns in addition to practical approaches on various mobile development problems. First six chapters are worthful sharing of mobile development experience.  The remaining five chapters are splendid collections [...]

Circuit Breaker for Windows Azure

No application is in island.  Every application needs to interact with other applications located in remote, or consumes data stored in remote.  Your application should be cautious and handle instability situations while interacting with these remote endpoints. Various practices and patterns are available for implementing a stable system.  Michael T. Nygard specifies following stability patterns [...]

Is HTTP Keep-Alive good or bad (in Azure)?

Sometimes a small constraint make you scary.  Though I played around with HTTP persistence connection long back, recently when I saw this header while debugging an Azure application, I want to know what is the impact of this.  There are two different opinions on using HTTP Keeps-Alive header.  I want to know the impact on [...]

Partial View Auto Refresh in ASP.NET MVC3

Problem A partial view in ASP.NET MVC3 needs to be refreshed on every particular interval. Let us take a typical ASP.NET MVC3 application. In the HomeController, there is a action called “Quote” which displays funny software quote for every new request like below: The partial view “_Quote.cshtml” has nothing other than the code below This [...]