Reactive Framework and IObserverable

Erik Meijer, the man behind LINQ is now come up with a framework called “Rx Framework” which contains API those decorates LINQ2Objects as mathematics dual.  Let us see in details. LINQ2O and Mathematics Dual Wikipedia says “A moprhism f:A->B is a monomorphism if  f.g=g.h implies g = h. Performing the dual operation, we get the statement that g.f [...]

.NET RIA Services – Ingredient for Fast Food Silverlight App

Problem Consume the application logic from presentation tier with domain entities those are specialized for this tier with minimal plumbing. Forces Set of code (validation, authentication, etc) to be written specific to presentation tier and the same needs to be written specific to business tier. Automated way to share the logic between the tiers with trusted boundaries. Agile way to consume [...]

Silverlight 3.0 Beta Available

For those whomsoever Silverlight x.x may concern, this is the news for you. Microsoft has released Silverlight 3.0 today at MIX09 with numerous new features and improvements. In addition to 60+ new UI controls and new features, I am really excited with the following features: Silverlight would NOT be isolated from Web 2.0.  With the [...]