Circuit Breaker for Windows Azure

No application is in island.  Every application needs to interact with other applications located in remote, or consumes data stored in remote.  Your application should be cautious and handle instability situations while interacting with these remote endpoints. Various practices and patterns are available for implementing a stable system.  Michael T. Nygard specifies following stability patterns [...]

WCF Claims, STS and Federation – Layman’s View – 2

In the previous post, we have seen the service configuration of WCF federation.  In this post, let us see the STS configuration.  In the STS’s configuration file, it is mentioned in element.  The STS service contract is declared in Udooz.ISecurityTokenService and implementation is resided in Udooz.SecurityTokenService.      The message security mode is specified [...]

WCF Claims, STS and Federation – Layman’s View

Configuring your Federation I’m here to explain WCF claims in federated services using STS (security token service) from a layman’s perspective.  I’ve started with the set of configuration you have to put in place on web.config under system.serviceModel to make your service in federated way.  Instead of very boring textual explanation, I’m explaining in comic way.  [...]

Beware of SCA if you are in WCF

Today, a technology newsletter carried with an article about SCA (Service Component Architecture) which is outshone at IBM campus along with BEA.  Is it a another SOA specification?  Is it a SOA framework? or, alternate to SOA?  Michael Rowley who is the author/architect/inventor of this said that it depends.  Confused.  Yes, it has been mentioned that SOA [...]