Unobtrusive JavaScript – Video Tutorial

UdoozTube :: Hasha Tech Tutorial

WCAT – Simple Performance Test Tool for your .NET web app

WCAT (Web Capacity Analysis Tool) is a tiny but excellent tool from Microsoft to perform load test your web application on IIS.  This tool enables you to do performance analysis on various scenarios of your web application.  All “perfmon” performance counters (like processor time, private bytes usage,  disk queue length,  total bytes sent or received [...]

ASP.NET AJAX 4.0: Template Programming Unleashed – Part I

Download the complete source code from When Microsoft released its flavour of AJAX framework named “ASP.NET AJAX” as part of  ASP.NET 3.0 preview, it does not have much competency when comparing with other AJAX frameworks.  But when I evaluated ASP.NET AJAX 4.0, I was really inspired the new features that are completely focused your browser [...]

ASP.NET Extender Control: Walkthrough

Sample VS2008 Project is available at This is the continuation  of ASP.NET Extender Control: Decorating & Componentizing Web Controls with Client Behavior.  In this walkthrough, the following things are explained: Decorating or extending web control behavior.  A mouse hover effect which is implemented in JavaScript would be applied to controls of  type Button. Packaging client side [...]