.NET 4.0 Work Stealing Queue, Parallel and PLINQ

Tweet In my previous post, we have seen basis of Task Parallel Library, where I have mentioned new task scheduler in .NET 4.0 thread pool.  In this post I brief about it along with “Task” class.   Before this, let us see how to make LINQ as parallel using PLINQ. PLINQ PLINQ has implementation of  all LINQ to [...]

Go Parallel with .NET 4.0 Parallel Extensions

Tweet We are in the multi-core era, where our applications are expected to effectively use these cores.  Simply, go parallel, means that partitioning the work being done into smaller pieces those are executed on the available processors in the target system.  Until .NET 3.5, parallel means we are used to use ThreadPool and Thread classes.  [...]

Security – The Other Way Round

Tweet Two security issues really surprised me. One is with Linux and another one is Adobe Flash. Linux Kernals and NULL Pointers To handle unavailable operations for some protocols, Linux kernal has methods that are not doing any NULL pointer check before deferencing those methods.  An attacker can put his code that will get executed [...]

Tweet As a response to growing Bing and Facebook search engines, Google is developing next generation search engine with new architecture. It keeps the features and internals secret. The development version is available at http://www2.sandbox.google.com/. The only difference I found when I googled “Next generation Google search engine” is search result. Current engine gives 37,300,000 [...]