Finally, Google makes its contribution apart from “www” after its yet another linux distro Google Chrome OS.  This time in language space.  Its name is “Go”.

Its released for Linux and Mac only.  After downloading the source from, building the packages and set some environment variables (guide @, tried a small sample which greets the arg(0) given from console.

The syntax is neither smart nor friendlier at my first sight.  Seems it is a mix of JavaScript, Java and ofcourse, C++.  For each and every compilation you need to specify target machine architecture, 6g – for AMD, 8g – for 386.

See the following sample hello, sample:

package main

import (
"fmt"; // formatted stdin
"flag"; // command line parser

func main(){

 fmt.Printf("hello," + flag.Arg(0) + "\n");

After the compilation with 8g, invoke the linker 8l and generate the executable (normally 8.out).  Since I did not evaluate this language at some level and did not read its architecture, I could not give any comments of this early stage compiler. However, at my first sight,

GO = Neither C# Nor Ruby

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