Beware of SCA if you are in WCF

Tweet Today, a technology newsletter carried with an article about SCA (Service Component Architecture) which is outshone at IBM campus along with BEA.  Is it a another SOA specification?  Is it a SOA framework? or, alternate to SOA?  Michael Rowley who is the author/architect/inventor of this said that it depends.  Confused.  Yes, it has been mentioned that [...]

IIS 7.0 and WAS : A Primer

Tweet Continue to my previous introductory post about AppFabric, it is very fundamental to know the architecture IIS 7.0 and WAS.  So, this post. In the above diagram, you can see two regions in Windows. The kernal mode and user mode, and you know that processes in the kernal mode touches the CPU and other hardwares [...]

Windows Server AppFabric – 10K ft View

Tweet After a quite while, I’d a chance to start looking into Windows Server AppFabric.  This is one my long pending middler tier component from Windows/.NET combo. What is AppFabric? A set of components provide service hosting, in-memory caching, stateful services persistence and management services, management consoles and API to access these services.  The following figure shows the major responsibilities [...]