Event Explored: Microsoft READY LAUNCH TOUR 2005 Chennai

Dec 15, 2005. Chennai

Today i and my team went to this event at LeRoyal Meridien, Chennai. Actually we started from our office at 0930am and reached (safely!) at 1030am, bcz of the famous chennai traffic.

Microsoft gave nice welcome to us and gave trial versions of VS2005, SQL2005 , valuable guidelines palmlets and a book from SAP as complements.

The keynote was given by Sanjay Parthasarathy. He gave nice and good presentation about Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. The interesting note from him is: there were 18000 bugs identified by MS-Community guys in beta releases and almost all those bugs were fixed.

Key Points from Sanjay:

  • VS2005 saves 70% development productivity.
  • Now a days 52% of mission critical applications are developed using .NET (The 24% using coffee [ Java!]).
  • The number of transactions/sec on Windows2003 + .NET2.0 + SQL 2005 : 2915. But on Redhat Linux + IBM Websphere + Oracle 10G: 1030. (Hold on! be ready to see some math figures from Linux puppies against Microsoft .NET) .

Followed by Sanjay, Parag Amainerkar from HP (HP is one of the Platinum Sponser for this event) gave keynote from HP side. His talking and slides were very boring. He spoked like a stranger on this event.

Ravinchandran from Intel gave good presentation about Intel + Microsoft strategies. The notable thing in his note is the “Technology Transitions” by Intel, means 64-bit + Multi-core + Virtualization are the Intel’s forthcoming hots with Microsoft. – I shall write detail about Multi-core, Virtualization in forthcoming blogs.

And one more hot from Intel (with Microsoft) is “Viiv“. (A new kind of personal computer will premiere in homes early next year when Intel Corporation introduces Intel Viiv technology designed to enrich consumers’ enjoyment of digital entertainment.) – I shall write detail about Viiv in forthcoming blogs.

Atul Sarin from SAP gave notes about SAP + Microsoft. His presentation was simple and short. And one more thing is, i don’t know ABC of SAP. So, i can’t give any x and y about his notes. Sorry ya!!

The last session of Pre-launch was India Customer Adoption & ISV Partnerships. The guys from CRISIL, RAMCO and TCS shared their experience with VS2005 and SQL2005 betas. Among their, Siddharth from TCS shared his XP with VS2005 and SQL 2005 very openely and nicely. He told that Business Intelligence, Analyser and Cubes in SQL2005 provided were reduced lot of pain on data analysis work of their dashboard project. And he explained the software development life cyle (arey! SDLC) customization feature of VS2005.

Okay guys! plz, wait 4 nxt blog… in this, i will cover the post-launch sessions with some interesting news to both developers and testers (hey testers! be ready ya! MS provides lot of fun to you)

(–to be continued)

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