Event Watch: Moblin – Intel’s Mobile Flavour Part 2

Tweet This is part 2 of Event Watch: Moblin – Intel’s Mobile Flavour. After spending two hours, the Mobile Image Creator (MIC) created Moblin environment on my development machine. During these period, it swallow 1GB and after completing all the target environment swallow 600+MB of my hard drive (Hope that each target only took 373.8MB, [...]

Event Watch: Moblin – Intel’s Mobile Flavour

Tweet This is second time in Chennai, Intel had arranged developer session on their new mobile environment Moblin (Mobile Linux). Microsoft came into mobile software arena very latetly. Like, Intel also has entered into the mobile hardware market very lately. Surprisingly it comes along “Moblin” platform. When I had received the registration email from Intel, [...]

WF: Exception Handling with State Machine Workflow

Tweet Every day comes with some new wishes and challenges. Today my team struck up with handling in a state machine workflow. They digged the web for finding a solution, unluck. Problem: How to rethrow an exception from a state machine workflow to the workflow runtime host? Description: I have designed one of our product [...]

Ortist – A Slice in Orkut

Tweet Although I am very irregular to Orkut, one of my friend called me from US one day about his new application in Orkut. This application lets you scrap graphically and you can share it with your friends. As a novice Orkut user, I am alleged about the real usage of this application. It could [...]