27 Jun 2008 @ 12:55 PM 

Event Watch: Moblin – Intel’s Mobile Flavour


This is second time in Chennai, Intel had arranged developer session on their new mobile environment Moblin (Mobile Linux).

Microsoft came into mobile software arena very latetly. Like, Intel also has entered into the mobile hardware market very lately. Surprisingly it comes along “Moblin” platform.

When I had received the registration email from Intel, two things gave me surprise. One is repetition of the event in the same city and the location was Anna University campus. Although the campus was surrounded by old aged trees, I would like to request the university board to improve the ambiance of the campus. One of the sign board informs wrong direction to Muthain Auditorium. At the time I reached the place, the first session was almost in the final stage given by an official from CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing). He was talked about pervasive computing. One of my manager and me had a quick chat with him about the public participation on pervasive computing. They do not have any idea about this.

I was started to download the Moblin on my Ubuntu 8.04 machine by following the instruction given at http://moblin.org/toolkits/prepDev/toolkits_prepDev_instImgCrtr.php half hour before writing this post by “git” clone.


  • git-core (intltoolize also)
  • automake
  • autotools-dev
  • build-essential
  • dh-make
  • fakeroot
  • python
  • debootstrap
  • syslinux

In Ubuntu 8.04, python and syslinux have already installed. But need to install the remaining using “sudo”. Other than the above, we have to install “curl” and “intltoolize” also by

$ sudo apt-get install curl
$ sudo apt-get install intltool

Note that have to give “intltool”, and not “intltoolize”. After installing the MBs of these prerequisites, I gave the below command to get moblin-creator from moblin.org.

$ git clone http://moblin.org/repos/tools/moblin-image-creator.git

Beware it took more than half hour in my broad band internet connection.

After getting the kit, key the following:

$ cd moblin-image-creator
$ ./autogen.sh
$ sudo make install
$ sudo image-creator

Really I would like to write about the my very fist hello world in Moblin in this post, let us see, since after executing “moblin-image-creator” (simply MIC), and add new platform project, it took more than half hour. It simply said “Please wait while installing HelloMoblin”. Woooop!

Narendra Bhandri from Intel gave session about “Mobility Trends & Moblin Overview”. Its the same old presentation given in the previous seminar. Oops, still MIC retrieving and validating large number of libs and tools. The session was about the internet experience and usability of the current mobile devices. And, of course he talked about Intel’s new processor for mobile devices oh, sorry MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) “Atom” from its famous Centrino platform.

Oo God, still MIC retrieving and validating. This time I found that It start from tool with name starting “a” and in the ascending order. More than 40 minutes over. I did not worry about the time it took, because it completely created the image of Moblin Linux environment. After a while, It extract, unpack and configure various Moblin components. Oh God, my hard drive space. let us see.

Santhosh from Intel gave session about “Software Framework for Mobile Devices”. He directly talked about the Moblin stack. Wait..are you confused about “What is really mean Moblin?”.
Most of the attendees in the hall had the same confusion (may be still), because none of the speaker clearly explain and convey the real aspect of Moblin.

-To be continued on next part (my wife called me thrice to shutdown the system) bye!!

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