Visual WebGUI and Empty Client Model for RIA

Tweet So many frameworks, tools and platforms available for us to develop RIA applications.  One such framework from Gizmox is “Visual Web GUI” which provides unified approach to develop web applications using ASP.NET platform with “Empty-Client” model.  The catchy point is you do not need to know too much about underlying technology.  You can also [...]

IList and Round-trip Serialization Issue in WCF

Tweet Problem WCF throws System.ExecutionEngineException when deserializing and consuming data contracts with IList based attributes. Forces Collection is changed as immutable when using IList Unable to convert it to List Unable to send it back to service consumer if required Solution Let us define a data contract Dump which contains IList of InternalDump. I’ve declared [...]

ASP.NET AJAX 4.0: Live Data Binding using Template

Tweet Source code for this article can be downloaded from This article is continuation of Part I.  In this part, I explain the different data binding options in ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 templates.  Just a recap that I’ve consumed an ADO.NET data services to fetch AdventureWorks’s Product table records.  In this article, I explain how [...]