Visual WebGUI and Empty Client Model for RIA

So many frameworks, tools and platforms available for us to develop RIA applications.  One such framework from Gizmox is “Visual Web GUI” which provides unified approach to develop web applications using ASP.NET platform with “Empty-Client” model. 

The catchy point is you do not need to know too much about underlying technology.  You can also port WinForm applications into web.

You could be a win form developer or web developer.

How does it different from others?

Since I did not fully evaulate this platform, I can simply say “this framework clearly segregates the responsibilities between browser and server”.  Server does business processing and browser handles user interaction.  Looks very adhoc and no different.  Gizmox is termed this as “empty client”.

Empty Client

We are known and worked with “Thick”, “Thin” and “Fat” clients.  Empty?  Points taken from their web site is

The Empty Client approach combines for the first time on web, the best of both desktop and web environments. An optimized protocol makes server side power, typically achieved with “Thin client” available for data centric web applications, with “Thick Client” scalability and performance.

They assured that this framework lets developers create desktop-like Web applications in no time using their existing skill sets with no re-learning, no retooling, and without the traditional complexities of the web. It also eliminates traditional security concerns, by facilitating literally Empty clients – no open services, no data, no logic, or any other exposed security hazards are left on the client.

The server is all in their approach.  Client only captures data and send it to server, and display data from server.  Even server provides display format of the data.

This model is mainly useful in cloud computing.  However, I do not know wy making the powerful client as “dump” and overloading the server.

Visit  for more details.

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