Book Review: Cloud Architecture Patterns by Bill Wilder – O’Reilly

Bill Wilder who is a MVP in Windows Azure has taken nice initiative in the cloud computing space with cloud architecture patterns.  Good collections.

Cloud computing relatively new and evolving technology, where we are facing so many recurred problems when dealing with application migration.  Bill introduces the basic tenants of cloud computing and design principles as Cloud Computing architecture patterns in this book.  There are 14 basic and common cloud computing patterns in this book.

The whole chapter 1 discusses on Scalability in depth.  I really liked his explanation on Performance vs Scalability.  Also, he listed out the characteristics of Cloud-Native applications.

Though it is not well fit into ‘pattern’, Horizontally Scaling Compute pattern discusses all design and anti-design aspects.  The Queue-centric workflow discusses the loosely coupled aspects.  It covers the asynchronous programming characteristics of cloud-native applications.  However, asynchronous and end user responsiveness related problems not covered in this, or as a different pattern.

He well touched the CAP theorem, sharding, fan-out quite well.  The multitenancy pattern can be explained much more better way.

The colocate and valet key patterns are nicely covered efficient use of network and trust with third party service integration.

The patterns try at best to vendor-neutral.  Fortunately, it lights up more on Windows Azure.

This book is very useful for people who are new to cloud computing space and going to construct/migrate application on this.

For well experts and people who have already spend their life on cloud computing, would be a refresher.

Well attempt for basic cloud computing architecture concepts.

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