Book Review: Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise by Dino Esposito, O’Reilly

Dino Esposito is the iconic author in Microsoft Press.  His book “.NET: Architecting for Enterprise” is one of my favorite.  Sequel to this, this book covers wide variety of patterns in addition to practical approaches on various mobile development problems.

First six chapters are worthful sharing of mobile development experience.  The remaining five chapters are splendid collections of design patterns for mobile enterprise.  He shared the design approaches, concepts with very neutral way.  He showcases the approaches iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone respectively.  Unlike part is, Silverlight for Windows Phone.  I really expects Windows 8 series.

Chapter 1 starts with various delivery model, cost of various Marketplaces and device detection strategy.  This is the decent start.  No boring theory…no specific vendor based introduction.  “Marketplace Tax” is the eye-opener for mobile developers.

Chapter 2 covers mobile sites vs native applications.  Though this is not very uncommon, he has given some real truth on problem with mobile web site.  Some of the detailed explanation on taking decision between native vs web can be short.

Chapter 3 covers mobile architecture.  It explains some know myths about mobile architecture.  Good start on architecture perspective.  “Use case for mobile is one of the important step in mobile architecture” is the excellent point to mention.  Dino explains interestingly about the priority of use cases varied from desktop web site to mobile web site.  When your business requires a mobile web site, Dino highly recommend to have separate application layer for mobile web site.  Multiserving is nicely explained.  I enjoyed the WOW concept.

Dino shares his experience on Chapter 4 about “Building mobile web sites”, instead of giving philosophy.  This reaches our mind smoothly.  The way he explained SIP is very practical.  The next two chapters cover HTML 5, jQuery Mobile and Responsive Web design.

The remaining chapters are full-fledged coverage of general patterns, patterns specific to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PhoneGap.

In this industry, books are still be the main medium.  We may see so many irresponsive and untested philosophy as books.  Dino and Microsoft Press always be cautious about this.  Definitely, this book is MUST HAVE for every mobile developers.  Dino’s coverage is more truthful, tested and consistent.

Well done Dino.

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