Developer Review – Code Simplicity, Max, O’Reilly


One more theory book on software design and this book explains the simplicity of code.  This book has written by Max who is the Chief Architect of Bugzilla project.  This is a 90 page book with putting some effort on software design, changes to a program, defects and testing.  Howerver, first three chapters make me boring. 

In Detail

I really got bored with first three chapters, probably I might not be right reader for that part.  Chapter 4 starts with some good coverage on how to justify and value your current design targeted to implement a feature.  Chapter 5 Changes explains three flaws in changes of software code which is the excellent part of this book.  The three flaws have been explained with examples which is normally missed in software theory books.

Chapter 6 DRY is very common, thankfully author took only 3 pages.  Remaining chapters are covered various best practices on Simplicity, avoiding complexity.


I have enjoyed chapter 5, partially chapter 4.  Apart from these all the other are common aspects.

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