Which Mobile Platform…as a developer?

This is the million dollar question in the developer world.  Definitely mobile is the next big focus which will replace our laptop/desktop sooner.  So, only servers and gadgets will be there in future.

But as a developer, which one is best….better….or right platform to learn and develop.  If you think, Android or Apple iOS4…you may be wrong, what about Windows Mobile…not sure until Windows Phone 7 will arrive.   A couple of years before Intel launched Moblin based on Linux but later it was merged with Nokia’s Maemo result MeeGo.  However, if you see the Q1 market share of these, do you know who is still dominating the market….Symbian (44%).  The Apple owns 15% followed by Android with 10%.  However, the trends are in reverse, Apple and Android are rocking.

Oh…then on what basis one can choose the right platform to bring his dream mobile application to the world!  Of course, with quick productivity with rich framework and tools (like Visual Studio & .NET or Ruby on Rails).  What will happened to my rich-web application?  Still, am I kept in touch with ASP.NET, PHP, RoR?

On the other side, Qt4 and J2ME look promising in “one skillset on multiple appliances”.

If you are in .NET world, Windows Phone 7 might be….but have to wait this yera fall.  MonoTouch is bonus for iPhone world. Java….stick with J2ME…sooner Android.  Not sure about iPhone.

Anyhow, be ready to work with at least three skill sets.

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